Shipping Information


We are working on getting the lowest possible shipping prices for you guys. We are currently offering either business tracked, business tracked + signed or business signed, depending on the country being shipped to!! The prices you see below are there purely to ship your monthly box – we take no cuts from it whatsoever (not even for packaging); all of it goes to making delivery possible for y’all! 

If your country is not listed below, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t ship to you, it probably means we forgot to type it in…drop us an email and we’ll get that sorted as soon as! 

Please Note: for countries outside of the EU, we shall complete a custom’s declaration form, but you may be required to pay a custom's charge if your country decides to charge you one.  We are also unable to release your package for you if customs decides to hold onto your package for whatever reasons they decide.  We apologise in advance, we cannot take any responsibilities for custom related issues, however, rest assured, we strive our hardest to ensure a custom charge is not applied to your package. 

🇦🇫Afghanistan £10.40   🇦🇱Albania £6.95   🇩🇿Algeria £10.40   🇦🇷Argentina £10.40   🇦🇲Armenia £6.95   🇦🇺Australia £11.25 

  🇦🇹Austria £6.95   🇧🇸Bahamas £10.40   🇧🇪Belgium £6.95   🇧🇿Belize £10.40   🇧🇲Bermuda £10.40   🇧🇷Brazil £10.40  

 🇧🇦Bosnia – Herzegovina £6.95   🇨🇦Canada £10.40   🇨🇻Cape Verde £10.40   🇨🇱Chile £10.40   🇨🇳China £10.40  

 🇨🇴Colombia £10.40   🇨🇩Congo (Democratic Republic) £10.40   🇨🇬Congo  (People’s Republic) £10.40   🇨🇷Costa Rica £10.40   

🇭🇷Croatia £6.95   🇨🇿Czech Republic £6.95   🇩🇰Denmark £6.95   🇩🇲Dominica £10.40   🇩🇴Dominican Republic £10.40  

 🇪🇬Egypt £10.40   🇪🇪Estonia £6.95   🇪🇹Ethiopia £10.40   |Fiji £11.25|   🇫🇮Finland £6.95   🇫🇷France £6.95   🇬🇪Georgia £6.95

   🇩🇪Germany £6.95   🇬🇷Greece £6.95   🇭🇹Haiti £10.40   🇭🇰Hong Kong £10.40   🇭🇺Hungary £6.95   🇮🇸Iceland £6.95

   🇮🇳India £10.40   🇮🇩Indonesia £10.40   🇮🇷Iran £10.40   🇮🇶Iraq £10.40   🇮🇪Ireland (Republic) £10.40   🇮🇱Israel £10.40  

 🇮🇹Italy £6.95   🇯🇲Jamaica £10.40   🇯🇵Japan £10.40   |Jersey £3.35|   🇯🇴Jordan £10.40   🇰🇪Kenya £10.40  

 |Kosovo £6.95|   🇱🇻Latvia £6.95   🇱🇧Lebanon £10.40   🇱🇾Libya £10.40   🇱🇹Lithuania £6.95   🇱🇺Luxembourg £6.95  

 🇲🇾Malaysia £10.40   🇲🇻Maldives £10.40   🇲🇱Mali £10.40   🇲🇹Malta £6.95 |  Mauritius £10.40|   🇲🇽Mexico £10.40   

🇲🇦Morocco £10.40   🇳🇱Netherlands £6.95   🇳🇿New Zealand £11.25   |Norfolk Island £11.25|   🇳🇴Norway £6.95   

🇴🇲Oman £10.40   🇵🇰Pakistan £10.40   🇵🇱Poland £6.95   🇵🇹Portugal £6.95   🇶🇦Qatar £10.40   🇷🇴Romania £6.95  

 🇷🇺Russia £6.95   🇸🇲San Marino £6.95   🇷🇸Serbia £6.95   🇸🇱Sierra Leone £10.40   🇸🇬Singapore £11.25   

🇸🇰Slovakia £6.95   🇸🇮Slovenia £6.95   🇿🇦South Africa £10.40   |South Georgia £10.40|   🇪🇸Spain £6.95   🇱🇰Sri Lanka £10.40  

 🇸🇪Sweden £6.95   🇨🇭Switzerland £6.95   |Taiwan £10.40|   🇹🇭Thailand £10.40   🇹🇹Trinidad and Tobago £10.40 

  🇹🇳Tunisia £10.40    🇹🇷Turkey £6.95   🇺🇬Uganda £10.40   🇺🇦Ukraine £6.95   🇦🇪United Arab Emirates £10.40 

  🇬🇧United Kingdom £3.35   🇺🇸USA £10.40   🇻🇳Vietnam £10.40   🇾🇪Yemen £10.40   🇿🇲Zambia £10.40  🇿🇼Zimbabwe £10.40

Christmas Shipping 

Due to the sheer number of emails we have been receiving (although really we should have added this information without having to be asked - our apologies)...the following are the cutoff shipping dates for guaranteed delivery before Christmas...but as Clint Eastwood said "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster"...because, all said and done, nothing really is guaranteed in life...

Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America and Middle East - Friday 6th December 

 Cyprus, Malta - Saturday 7th December 

Eastern Europe (Except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) - Monday 9th December

Australia, Greece, Turkey and New Zealand - Tuesday 10th December 

Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden and USA  - Thursday 12th December 

 Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland  - Friday 14th December   

Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxemburg - Tuesday 17th December

UK - Friday 20th December 

*we will be sending out all our non gift shipments between the 17th-20th :-)