Customers should expect delays to normal services, on a country by country basis and updates will be posted as soon as they become available.More detailed and up to date information can be found on their website/through the following link:

Please check with your country's postal service before subscribing, especially if it's as a gift.  Take care and stay safe.


N.B. due to extortionate price hike, we have stopped shipping to the majority of our international countries, therefore, we are no longer shipping worldwide.  This has happened purely due to the fact that we don't think our box will be worth purchasing at a higher shipping charge than what was initially agreed upon, and we're not in the habit of supporting daylight robbery!  Once shipping prices have gone down, we promise...we will be back 😉💛  

We are currently offering either business tracked, business tracked + signed or business signed, depending on destination country.   

 For countries that require it, we shall complete a custom’s declaration form, but you may still be required to pay a custom's fee if your country officials decide to charge you one.  We are also unable to release your package for you if customs decides to hold onto it for whatever reasons they decide - there's really no arguing with them; we tried and embarrassed ourselves!  We apologise in advance, we cannot take any responsibilities for custom related issues, however, rest assured, we strive our hardest to ensure a custom charge is not applied to your package. 

 🇦🇱Albania £9.39   🇦🇲Armenia £9.39 🇦🇹Austria £9.39 

🇧🇪Belgium £9.39    🇧🇦Bosnia – Herzegovina £9.39    🇭🇷Croatia £9.39  

🇨🇿Czech Republic £9.39   🇩🇰Denmark £9.39   🇪🇪Estonia £9.39  

🇫🇮Finland £9.39   🇫🇷France £9.39   🇬🇪Georgia £9.39

   🇩🇪Germany £9.39      🇭🇺Hungary £9.39   🇮🇸Iceland £9.00 

🇮🇪Ireland (Republic) £12.40   🇮🇹Italy £9.39       |Jersey £4.35|    

 |Kosovo £9.39|   🇱🇻Latvia £9.39   🇱🇧    🇱🇹Lithuania £9.39   

🇱🇺Luxembourg £9.39  🇲🇹Malta £9.39 |    🇳🇱Netherlands £9.39    

 🇳🇴Norway £9.39    🇵🇱Poland £9.39  🇵🇹Portugal £9.39   

 🇷🇴Romania £9.39  🇷🇺Russia £9.95   🇸🇲San Marino £9.39   

🇷🇸Serbia £9.39  🇸🇰Slovakia £9.39   🇸🇮Slovenia £9.39      

🇪🇸Spain £9.39    🇸🇪Sweden £9.39   🇨🇭Switzerland £9.39      🇹🇷Turkey £9.39     

  🇬🇧United Kingdom £3.85