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Please note; due to the nasty virus (COVID-19) attacking us globally, please expect significant delays to shipping, as a lot of our packages are travelling mainly by road, and others via limited air craft.  Please check with your country's postal service before subscribing, especially if it's as a gift.  If the situation gets worse, we might have to skip shipping your package for a month or two, although as things stand, we are currently on track with everything.

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"Books and chocolate make life bearable..."  

  …so said someone, and we totally second that, but with a dash of something to drink! Which is why, every month* at chocolate&book we will be sending out a highly acclaimed/reviewed book** from your chosen genre, carefully selected chocolate to go hand-in-hand with the read, and (as if a great book and awesome chocolate wasn’t enough, pah!) the perfect beverage to make the ride that much more enjoyable..!


If, on the other hand, you want to make life "bearable" for a loved one, we have expertly wrapped gift versions of our boxes, complete with handwritten notes – you say it, we pen it.  

*box purchase ranges from one off, to three months, to on-going until you say otherwise

 * *we love our paperbacks (portability is that much more easier), which is why we send out paperbacks. However, occasionally we also send out hardbacks, that is to say, occasionally we fall in love with hardback covers and then we can no longer help ourselves.  

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