"Books and chocolate make life bearable..."  

 …so said someone, and we totally second that, but with a dash of something to drink! Which is why, every month* at ChocolateandBook we send out a recently published paperback book** from your chosen genre, a bar of carefully selected chocolate to go hand-in-hand with that read, and (as if a great book and awesome chocolate wasn’t enough, pah!) the perfect beverage to make the ride that much more enjoyable..! 

*box purchase ranges from one off, to three months, to on-going until you say otherwise 

* * publication date varies according to genre; please check FAQ for further information.


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There is nothing better than a friend...unless it is a friend with a chocolateandbook box!

Select a genre* and we’ll deliver the book-chocolate-hot-drink combo to your chosen person.  Want to send them a handwritten note with your carefully wrapped gift?  You type it and we'll pen it...~ 

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**Handwritten notes must not contain anything of a derogatory or threatening nature. 


If you'd like to add more goodies to the box (or simply want to grab yourself some innovative literary products) just click on the link below.