This monthly book box is suited for those who lurveee the feeling of thrills down their spine all year round!

YA (Young Adult)

A monthly box suited for fans of YA - fantasy, romance, thriller and more!


This monthly box is perfect for those of you who seek out the hidden gems...the books that fell through the radar...the ones that were unjustly overlooked...whether that be in the recent years, or from many years ago...


When you can't make up your mind which genre to delve into, let us surprise you; genre changes every month, but the books remain just as delightful!


Guilty? Never! Pleasure? Ohhh yeah! (...need I say more?)


A monthly book box with the a BESTSELLING book from the Romance genre. Perfect for those who love the perfect ending!


Monthly dosage of sci-fi/fantasy filled adventure - the perfect box to run away with!