"...pleasure is not a luxury, it's a profound psychological need..." - N Branden

  In life there are few things as pleasurable as snuggling up to the promise of a good book with some good chocolate and a hot drink to keep you company. And that is what we deliver. Every month, we send out a critically chosen book* from your selected genre, chocolate (right from the hand-made to the award-winning to simply the bestselling chocolate out there) and some hot drink, be that tea, coffee or hot-chocolate.     

* books are chosen by bibliophiles whose lives are all things books.  

N.B. Books are sometimes pre-release editions or released 1-12 months prior to the placing of your subscription order.  If there are any particular author's book you'd like, or books you already own, please email us and let us know (as, unfortunately, at this current point of time, books are non-refundable).  

"A book is a gift you can open again and again."  - Garrison Keillor

 Pick a particular genre of book, and we’ll deliver the book-chocolate-hot-drink combo to your chosen person. Want to send them a handwritten letter with your carefully wrapped gift? Just type it up* and we’ll write it down**, for that extra wrap of warmth…~  

COMING SOON:  stunning collection of literary gifts.

*Please check the 'This is a gift' box at checkout and type your letter/note in the box that appears.

**Handwritten letter must not contain anything of a derogatory or threatening nature.