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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how often will my subscription renew? 

  Subscription will renew once a month – 29th of each month.   

Can I cancel?

Of course! You can cancel anytime you like.  However, refunds are only processed up to the 3rd of the month, after which boxes go into production, and so we are unable to issue any refunds.

As soon as you cancel, please email us whether you'd like a refund or a final box. 

When are the boxes sent out?   

On the 15th of each month – around 2:00pm GMT.

How are books selected?   

Books for each genre is primarily selected by three dedicated readers who make a living out of literature. The three readers sift through piles and piles of books, and it is only after careful readings, intense discussions, heaps of chocolates and copious mugs of tea/coffee/hot-chocolate later that a book is finally settled on. This method is repeated for each and every genre...every single month! 

What if I already have the book?

That is an unfortunate possibility; therefore  we encourage you to email us any pre-owned authors/book titles, etc, so that if one of your pre-owned book is selected, then we'll make sure we send you something different!

N.B. At this current point of time, books are non-returnable.  

What kind of chocolate do I receive?

Mmmm...that delicious question.  Chocolate could range from the award-winning to the handmade to simply the ordinary but tasty bestselling ones!

Sometimes we even send cookies!

Both vegetarian and vegan options are also available. 

Both vegetarian and vegan options are also available access to a good range of 'Free From' options - the range also features natural and raw chocolates.  

How does gifting work?   

You choose a themed box, write out a note for them (which we will handwrite), fill in all the required details and voila – a box will be sent out to them as soon as it’s been curated. If you have a specific book you don’t want sent to them (perhaps they already have that particular title) please email us as soon as you’ve made your order.   

Do you ship internationally?   

Yes! Yes we do – click on Shipping Info above to see which countries we ship to. If, in the unfortunate event, your country is not listed, do not despair! Drop us an email and we’ll have that rectified as soon as.  

Still have unanswered questions lingering?   

…drop us an email at, and someone will get back to you. Please give us 48 hours to reply, after which you can be justifiably angry and we’ll do everything we can to make it up to you!   

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